Kriya Flow Wellness Therapeutic Massage – The Massage for EVERYONE! Kriya for Relaxation, Stress Relief & Pain Management. The rhythm of the work is out of this world! The highly sought after Kriya Flow is like NOTHING you have ever experienced.

30 minute = $40

45 minute = $60

60 minute = $80

70 minute = $95

Color & Sound Therapy – This “tune-up” treatment uses color therapy, sound therapy & smoke cleanse to give your Chakras just what they need! Using chromotherapy glasses, tuning forks and other sound therapy, you will erase the feeling of being overwhelmed or scattered and leave with a renewed sense of energy & well-being!

Duration Varies · $35

*Treatment takes between 20-25 minutes*

Indian Scalp Massage – This exotic treatment takes you to another planet! An Ancient Indian Practice that has roots in Ayurvedic medicine, this treatment diminishes many of the ailments caused by everyday life & is incredibly relaxing! Relief from headaches, anxiety, eye strain & more!

30 minutes – $45

Bioenergy Healing -Duration Varies – Restore, strengthen & balance the body by reactivating the Immune System to work at optimal levels. A delicate & nurturing touch is used to direct Life Force Energy to encourage a deep self renewal.

$45 per day

Gateway Healing – Gateway healing is the energy of the Divine. Possessing its own wisdom, it knows exactly what needs to be done to heal, restore and upgrade you to your given Angelic Human Template; reversing any modifications & working in cooperation with your higher self.The Gateway energy, itself, heals, repairs & restores your light matrix at a DNA level, which allows you to feel less stressed, lighter in your body & more freedom from the low frequency bandwidth many of us currently experience. **Note: This is a Distance Treatment Only**

30 minutes · $50

Reiki – Reiki for Therapeutic balancing of energy; allowing a gentle healing to take place. Soothing you with ‘laying on of hands’ and enhancing Life Force Energy to allow a natural Zen state of mind. Reiki practitioners use a technique which transfers universal energy from the practitioner to the individual in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Duration Varies · $70

Energy Healing PLUS – This modality combines the use of Energy healing, Visualization, Smoke Cleanse and Crystals to free stuck energy, cleanse the energetic space around you and assist in protecting your energy from negativity. Leave this session feeling less restricted & more free!

Duration Varies · $80

Therapeutic Massage Add-on Enhancements

30 minutes and up · $5-$10

Add any of these to your scheduled treatment:

*Full Body Hot Towels

* Facial Cleanse/ Moisturize: $10

*Hot Stones (1 area)


*Weighted Blanket



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